What They Do...

    The Mockingbirds are perfect for your Wedding, Corporate Party, or any Special Event!! Unlike most bands, The Mockingbirds bring a DJ approach to the Live Band scene. Like a Dance Party DJ, no matter what style of music it is, and they can do them ALL , The Mockingbirds know the best songs to play and  play them in each set continuously, with no stops or breaks between songs, for every set they play, throughout the party or event!!  So there is no dead air. When a band stops between songs, the dancing and the party momentum stops! Not with The Mockingbirds, by being DJ's as well as musicians, they are a live band emulating the style of DJ. So The Mockingbirds keep the party going, by playing a continuous mix full of your song choices, catered directly for you and your party!! You can Pick up to 20 or more songs, from their massive Song List, for them to play in a personalized dance mix,  made exclusively for your Party or Event, or leave it up to them and they will put the perfect play list together for you. Can't find the song you want, in their list? Just let them know...The Mockingbirds will learn one song per event that isn't on their Song List, especially for you, free of charge!! (certain restrictions may apply).

When you're with The Mockingbirds, the party never stops, because The Mockingbirds are not only a band, they are also Professional Club and Wedding DJ's and MC's with over 20 yrs experience. So not only is your MC professionally covered and running the event smoothly, but when the band breaks, the DJ's come on and the Party never ends!!


Plus, by offering acoustic, cocktail hour, ceremony lineups & DJ for breaks, as well as their amazing live band performances, The Mockingbirds are your one stop shop for ALL your entertainment needs!! Don't settle for the same old, one trick pony, cover band concept everyone else gets!! Set Your Party Apart, and get it all... THE BEST and MOST UNIQUE musical entertainment around...get THE MOCKINGBIRDS!!





   Featuring Musicians who are also veteran DJ's & MC’s, whose credits are over 20 years of wedding and professional experience, including DJ Residency at Bronx Bar Village, Prive Lounge, Jet Lounge, Uropa, Pace Concerts, the NFL SUPERBOWL and MLB ALL-STAR GAME Ceremonies & Festivities, plus countless celebrity private parties. The Mockingbirds can be your Live Band, DJ & MC all rolled into one! They can make all the announcements, from introducing the wedding party and special dances, to cutting the cake and making the grand exit! They can also offer Various Live Band lineups or DJ for any music needed during the ceremony or cocktail hour.


   Please, check out their massive Song Lists!! They can create the perfect format for playing continuous music (Live Band or DJ) for any ceremonies, breaks, acoustic moments, special dances, cocktail hour, dinner music, and then of course…Partying all night long!! If you can't find your special song on ther list, just ask them! The Mockingbirds will learn one song, not on their list, free of charge for each couple. (certain restrictions may apply) 


   Just to get everything right, they also offer a face-to-face meetings with the newlyweds-to-be, anytime before the big day, to work out all the details and create the perfect playlist, for your special day!!



-       Corporate Parties


    Are you having a company picnic? Corporate gala? Holiday party, or just celebrating with your clients? The Mockingbirds are the perfect PROFESSIONAL fit for whatever your needs!! They can coordinate with you on your event to provide the best possible experience for you and your guests. The entertainment at your functions says alot about you and your company, put your best foot forward with the best and most unique musical entertainment experience out there! The Mockingbirds can create that one of a kind, continuous dance party experience that shows you are willing to provide your clients and guests with nothing short of the absolute best!! 





          The Mockingbirds can be seen in many local bars and clubs... Please check out their Schedule & listings for a show in your area. Be sure to request The Mockingbirds be booked at all of your favorite local establishments!!

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