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With The Mockingbirds You can have anything you want! The Mockingbirds offer different size bands and packages to fit any budget. We can have your entire ceremony and reception covered from beginning to end. Not only with a one of a kind High Energy Band for your reception, but if you need ceremony music or live strings, instrumentalists, or a band to play cocktail hour or any combination, we have you covered. With our years of experience The Mockingbirds have learned to be as versatile as possible and offer many different packages, prices and setups, as well as create your own package to meet your specific needs. This allows us to give you a quote to fit your exact budget. Whether your budget is for a solo musician or The Mockingbirds full orchestra, we got you covered.

Some unique features to the The Mockingbirds, are that they are a band who thinks and plays like a Dance Party DJ. The Mockingbirds can play ALL styles of music. And they play and mix each song into the next one with virtually no stops or breaks, other than the predetermined breaks and announcements. And The Mockingbirds will apply this approach to all their sets. (Unless of course, you want breaks) But when a band stops between songs or for their rest breaks, the dancing and the party momentum stops! Not with The Mockingbirds, by being DJ's as well as musicians, both while the band plays and the DJ takes over for breaks, The Mockingbirds know how to keep the party going, by playing a continuous mix full of your song choices, catered directly to you and your party!! Because You can also Pick as many songs as you want them to play in your party, from their massive Song List (click above), in a personalized dance mix, made exclusively for your Party or Event. Or you can leave it up to them and they will put the perfect play list together for you. Can't find the song you want, in their list? Just let them know...The Mockingbirds will learn songs, that aren't already on their Song List, especially for you, no extra charge! We don't think there is another other band out there, that will give you that kind of personalized attetnion to detail, while still allowing you complete control of what they play and do for your Party or event!


Don't forget, When you're with The Mockingbirds, the party never stops! Not only do we have your MC professionally covered and running the event smoothly, but when the band breaks, the DJ's come on and keep the party momentum going til the band returns! They can also make all the announcements, from introducing the wedding party and special dances, to cutting the cake and making the grand exit or get The Mockingbirds Big Brass Band to do a 2nd line send off for ya!

And just to get everything right, they also offer a face-to-face, Zoom, or facetime meetings with the newlyweds-to-be, anytime before the big day, to work out all the details and create the perfect playlist and show for your special day!!
If you want to go big just let us know and we can coordinate with other lighting companies to make a full on LED concert light show and or lighted dance floors to go with The Mockingbirds electric performances.


Plus, by offering acoustic, cocktail hour, ceremony lineups, & DJ for breaks, as well as their amazing live band performances, The Mockingbirds are your one stop shop for ALL your entertainment needs!! Don't settle for the same old, one trick pony, cover band concept everyone else gets!! Set Your Party Apart, and get it ALL... THE BEST and MOST UNIQUE musical entertainment around...get THE MOCKINGBIRDS!

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The Mockingbirds are renowned for their professional approach, not only working with clients but also in their performances & presentation. They can coordinate with you on your event down to the last detail, to provide you the very best possible experience for both you and your guests. After all, the idea is for you to have some fun too, right? The Mockingbirds know that doesn't happen until you can trust the vendors you've hired to represent you as you would yourself. The entertainment at your functions says alot about you and your company, place your trust in a band that has already excelled at this for many years and will allow you the freedom to choose songs and the look of the band. Also working with you in any way to achieve the goals you have set in your mind, for your event. From playing all around the world to opening for major recordings artists from all around the world, The Mockingbirds have literally been there and done that. You can trust The Mockingbirds to deliver, everytime.

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